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Caledonia’s Stars on Stage meets Broadway | The Sachem and Glanbrook Gazette

About 44 students from the Stars on Stage Dance and Performing Arts studio in Caledonia recently came back from New York City after spending five days experiencing Broadway

By Jen Nevans

About 44 dancers from the Stars on Stage Dance and Performing Arts studio in Caledonia recently had a taste of Broadway.

“Every day was an adventure and the kids got some pretty awesome experiences,” said Krista Damant, co-owner of Stars on Stage.Damant, along with Cathy Lyel, took 1 04 people to New York City for a memorable trip her students won’t forget. “We had planned activities for three days and then we had a day and a half to do whatever we wanted on our own,” Damant said.

The group, which included 44 students ages six to 1 8 and their families, left Caledonia in mid-July to create five days worth of memories in the Big Apple. The students took dance classes at the Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway, and learned three different styles, as well as the choreography for the Aladdin Broadway show.“We went to Radio City Music Hall for a tour,” Damant said. “A bunch of us saw the Lion King (on Broadway) and some of us also saw Wicked.”

Damant said taking the kids to the Broadway shows was perhaps one of her favourite moments of the trip. “My daughter was with me, too,” she said. “It was just their faces. They were all in awe.” For Damant’s dance students, the Broadway show was just one of many memories they took away from the trip.“We took the Staten Island Ferry and went by the Statue of Liberty,” Damant said. “We went to (Ellen’s) Stardust (Diner) where the waiters and waitresses all performed while you’re having your lunch.” She said at one point during the lunch, some of her Stars on Stage dancers even jumped up and danced along to Uptown Funk on stage.

As the group toured New York City, the dancers also did some stargazing as well, including some who spotted actress Julianne Moore and others who stood along the red carpet at the premier of Adam Sandler’s Pixels movie.Damant said one lucky dancer even got a selfie with Sandler himself. While the trip wasn’t Damant’s first time to New York City, it was Stars on Stage’s first time, and Damant said it’ll be an experience they’ll always remember.“They all had a great time and will be talking about it forever,” she said. “One of my favourite parts (of the trip was) seeing them dance and giving it their all. I was pretty proud of them.”

Damant spent the last two years planning and fundraising for the trip to give 44 students a memorable experience. “Our dancers are so lucky to be able to have this type of experience where they learned and grew as dancers,” Damant said. “When else are they going to take classes with famous dancers on Broadway or choreographers that teach Broadway dancers?” Stars on Stage is going into its 1 3 th year. Damant and her mom own the studio and offer a variety of dance classes to nearly 300 students, ranging from two years old to adults.

The studio is located at 322 Argyle St. S., Caledonia. For more information on the dance studio, visit

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